Offering Upgrade, Repairs and Tune Ups Since 1985

Besides selling a large assortment of new and used bikes, Coventry Cycle also offers a variety of other services. Call a technician to schedule an appointment or just drop in and chat us up.

We service ALL TYPES of bicycles!


You will help yourself and our shop (greatly) by scheduling your repair work in the late fall, winter, and early spring months when we have the time to dedicate to repair work in a less “frantic” atmosphere. You will benefit from this as much as we will appreciate having the work and your bike will be ready to roll when the nice weather comes back.

Tune Ups

Note that we cannot do “on the spot” repair work or maintenance during our busiest season unless an appointment has been made, with time blocked out for you. Always call first!


As the areas recumbent specialists we are super-busy during the late spring, summer & early fall months when all of us want to be out riding. We are also uber-busy introducing new people to these fantastic bikes and trikes and building new bikes for them to take home and enjoy during these months.