P.I.R. Recumbent Races @ Portland International Raceway

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May 24 @ 8:00 am – May 25 @ 6:00 pm
P.I.R. Recumbent Races @ Portland International Raceway | Portland | Oregon | United States
The event will be held on Memorial Day Weekend at Portland International Raceway (PIR) in Portland, Oregon. This unique event has a racing venue that meets and exceeds competitors demands with a variety of racing formats.

You will see regular street vehicles racing as well the premier king of speed, the Streamliner, a vehicle that holds the distinction of holding every world record for timed distances and ultimate speed. All this HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) racing nirvana is showcased by the unique and extraordinary opportunity afforded to us via the usage of a world class Indy car race track, the Portland International Raceway. This smooth surface course has two feet of elevation change on a two mile multi cornered, racing loop. Coupled with a large infield area where other racing activities are conducted, the PIR facility is more than accommodating, it’s unrivaled!

HPV racing is not the entire spectacle of entertainment featured at the Human Power Challenge, in conjunction with our event, the Electrathon America folks hold an annual race that features small electric powered aerodynamic vehicles that demonstrate the skills and talents of high school and adult pioneers of alternative transportation. These vehicles are designed to optimize electric power that must capture engineering capabilities proving both endurance and speed. This event is exciting and inspirational, “at the flick of a switch.”

We also invite and host businesses that represent products and services conducive to the positive promotion of our community. Vendors are welcome to display their services. Please contact the Committee for details on attending the event.

Come and experience a degree of camaraderie and pulse pounding racing that few events have attained, or hope too. Admission is free for spectators, so come cheer your favorite racers to victory. We invite you to come and get “bent” with us, to be a part of the… Human Power Challenge!

FREE to the public!

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